The Astronomical Society of Southern Africa will hold its 11th ASSA Symposium in Cape Town from Friday, March 09 to Sunday, March 11, 2018.

The programme has been announced, and registration is now closed. For late registration please contact Case Rijsdijk (particles@mweb.co.za).

If you still need to make a payment, an electronic payment facility is available.

The theme – Amateur Astronomy in the Digital Data Age – has been chosen to promote the link between professional and amateur astronomers. The advance of astronomical technology with large surveys has largely robbed the amateur community of many of the niche areas where it used to uniquely contribute to science: variable and double star work, comet discovery, supernova discovery, etc. However the advantage of these large scale surveys means that there are many more opportunities for amateurs to monitor identified sources for extended periods of time.

Several ASSA members are collaborating with professionals and it is hoped that the ASSA Symposium 2018 will make for new links and understanding by bringing together prominent experts and amateurs.


Support from the following organizations is gratefully acknowledged:

  • the National Research Foundation for funding,
  • the SAAO for support and venue, and
  • the ASSA Council for funding support.